Student help

Creating your eRecognition Profile.

You must login to eRecognition using your assigned Username and Password.

Six steps to eRecognition site:-


Step 1 – Sign in
Using your assigned username and password
Your teacher or head teacher should be able to assist you.

Step 2 – Search the site
Your teacher should have provided you with the competency unit number and name
Use the “search the site“ function and button

Step 3 – Choose your subjects (units) or qualifications (course)
Use the list of subjects and qualifications from your search to choose

Step 4 – Enrol into subject (as discussed with your teacher/assessor
Click on add to my subjects

Step 5 – Submit your evidence
Use My Subjects/Evidence button (after you have enrolled above)

Step 6 – Use your mail
Use the My Mail button to track you incoming and outgoing mail

You can also use the student guide for more assistance (click here to get the SWSI student guide)
Or you can send an email (click here to generate an email for assistance)


SWSI eRecognition team