his qualification reflects the role of workers who develop and facilitate programs for young people through a range of community-based programs designed to address the social, behavioural, health, welfare, developmental and protection needs of young people. This work may be undertaken through employment in community, government and youth sector agencies. Leah is community and development officer (youth) and she is responsible for implementing policies and guidelines of the employing organisation. She is self-directed with fairly autonomous decision-making capacity under the indirect supervision of a manager. Her set of skills and knowledge are shown below.

CHCCD412B Work within a community development framework

Leah has the ability to work within a community development framework. She is able to operate within a community development framework; distinguish between private and public issues arising in community development work; work with groups to achieve community development outcomes; and work effectively with diversity in the community

CHCCOM403A Use targeted communication skills to build relationships

Leah has the ability to apply specific workplace communication techniques to build and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues based on respect and trust. She can communicate effectively with clients and staff; contribute to the implementation of effective communication strategies; use specific communication techniques to maintain constructive interaction; facilitate discussions; and identify communication strategies to build relationships with clients who are involuntary or present communication challenges

CHCCS400C Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

Leah has the ability to work within a legal and ethical framework that supports duty of care requirements. She is able to demonstrate an understanding of legislation and common law relevant to work role; follow identified policies and practices; work ethically; and recognise and respond when client rights and interests are not being protected

CHCGROUP403D Plan and conduct group activities

Leah has the ability to participate in, establish and lead a range of informal and formal groups in a variety of settings. She can address resourcing issues for group activities; coordinate a group planning process; manage group processes including responding to conflict; evaluate group activities

CHCMH411A Work with people with mental health issues

Leah has the ability to work in a consumer directed and oriented way with consumers who are living with mental health issues. She can apply knowledge of the mental health sector; establish appropriate working relationships with consumers who are living with mental health issues; clarify the needs and issues of consumers; provide non-clinical services to meet consumer aspirations and needs; and apply self-care strategies

CHCPRT001 Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

Leah has the ability to support and protect children and young people who are at risk of harm. She is able to implement work practices which support the protection of children and young people; report indications of possible risk of harm; and apply ethical and nurturing practices in work with children and young people

CHCYTH001 Engage respectfully with young people

Leah has the ability to communicate effectively with young people (aged 12 to 25 years) in work roles with a specific focus on young people. Leah is able to reflect understanding of youth cultures and subcultures and young person’s own development; work with the young person as the focus; and reflect on own practice and values

CHCYTH002 Work effectively with young people in the youth work context

Leah has the ability to work in the youth work context. She is able to apply understanding of the social, historical, economic, legal and political contexts of young people; apply understanding of the context of youth work; work within the core values and practice frameworks of youth work; work with understanding of the impact of values in determining the approach to working with young people

CHCYTH003 Support young people to create opportunities in their lives

Leah has the ability to assist young people to identify the challenges and opportunities in their lives and to work towards their goals on an individual or group level. She is able to create a relationship of trust and respect; work with young people to identify their needs, rights, strengths, hopes and opportunities; identify goals with the young person; and develop and implement action plans

CHCYTH004 Respond to critical situations

Leah has the ability to maintain safety through effective response to potential or actual critical situations. Leah is able to implement risk-minimisation strategies; maintain a safe environment for young people; prevent escalation of violent behaviour; and secure the safety of clients

CHCYTH010 Provide services for young people appropriate to their needs and circumstances

Leah has the ability to provide guidance and role models to young people and their families to maintain positive and supportive relationships, while identifying problems and establishing goals for change based on maintaining support from family and the general community. She is able to identify and address immediate needs and circumstances of young people; explore and clarify issues facing the young person and the nature of support sought; facilitate goal setting and action planning; provide targeted assistance and referral; and act as an advocate on request

HLTHIR403C Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers

Leah possesses the cultural awareness required for effective communication and cooperation with persons of diverse cultures. She can reflect cultural awareness in work practice; accept cultural diversity as a basis for effective work place and professional relationships; communicate effectively with culturally diverse persons; and resolve cross-cultural misunderstandings

HLTHIR404D Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people

Leah has the ability to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the health industry context. Leah is able to reflect an awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures in work practices; reflect an awareness of own and other cultural realities in work practices; communicate effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; reflect cultural safety in workplace and professional relationships; and work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities

HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety

Leah possesses the skills and knowledge required for participation in safe work practices to ensure her own health and safety, and that of others. She can follow safe work practices, implement safe work practices, contribute to safe work practices in the workplace and reflect on her own safe work practices

CHCAOD402B Work effectively in the alcohol and other drugs sector

Leah possesses the knowledge and skills required by all workers who may be working primarily with clients with alcohol and other drugs (AOD) issues and provides a basic introduction to values, services and approaches applied to work in this sector. She is able to develop knowledge of work requirements across a range of settings; demonstrate commitment to the central philosophies of the AOD sector; communicate effectively in a community services setting; and work ethically

CHCCM404A Undertake case management for clients with complex needs

Leah has the ability to provide case management to clients who have already been assessed and whose needs have been identified as extending across a number of areas, such as aged care, community care, disability, mental health, drugs, alcohol or homelessness. She is able to work within a case management framework suitable for the client's needs; identify services required to deal with the client's complex needs; develop priorities for service and support inputs; and implement and monitor agreed upon activities and processes

CHCCS422B Respond holistically to client issues and refer appropriately

Leah has the ability to assess a range of client issues and refer appropriately. She is able to establish interpersonal relationship with client; identify the range of issues impacting on the client and assess client needs; analyse and assess information to determine appropriate course of action to be followed; refer client to other services to provide coordinated support; and review effectiveness of services provided to meet client needs

CHCORG405E Maintain an effective work environment

Leah has the ability to meet individual responsibilities within a work group. She is able to work to achieve identified outcomes; establish and maintain appropriate work relationships; facilitate operation of the workgroup; and review and develop own performance