The Certificate IV in Water Operations supports candidates seeking competency and requiring increasingly specialised technical skills or those who require a broad range of skills. To achieve this qualification the candidate must demonstrate competency in nine units, comprising two core and seven elective units of competency. The follow occupations relate to this qualification: Compliance Investigator (Water Industry); Compliance Officer (Water Industry); Dams Operations Coordinator; Environmental Advisor (Water); Groundwater Extraction Coordinator; Hydrometric Monitoring Officer; Operations and Maintenance Supervisor (Water Industry); Recycling Coordinator (Water Industry); Reservoir Operations Coordinator; Reticulation Coordinator; Save Water Controller; Technical Officer (Water Industry); Trade Waste Inspector; Wastewater Treatment Coordinator; Water Treatment Coordinator; Water Treatment Plant Supervisor. Roger is a technical officer in the water industry and provides technical support for water treatment or delivery operations. He has the ability to analyse technical data, prepare reports and organise equipment maintenance. He often coordinate teams and deliver works programs and budgets for the operation, maintenance, refurbishment or replacement of infrastructure. His set of skills and knowledge are shown below.

LGACOM405B Implement and monitor the organisation's OHS policies, procedures and programs within the work group or section

Roger is capable of implementing and monitoring general occupational health and safety (OHS) policies, procedures and programs in all functional areas of local government. He has the ability to provide information to the work group about OHS and the organisation's OHS policies, procedures and programs; implement and monitor participative arrangements for the management of OHS; implement and monitor the organisation's procedures for identifying hazards and assessing risks; implement and monitor the organisation's procedures for controlling risks; implement the organisation's procedures for dealing with hazardous events; implement and monitor the organisation's procedures for providing OHS training; implement and monitor the organisation's procedures for maintaining OHS records

NWP401B Coordinate and monitor the application of environmental plans and procedures

Roger has the ability to monitor and coordinate the application of environmental plans and procedures to specific projects and to develop environmental procedures for the local work area. He is able to determine relevant environmental plans and procedures; implement environmental plans and procedures; develop project or site specific environmental procedures; control environmental incidents; monitor and report on environmental plans and procedures

BSBCUS403 Implement customer service standards

Roger has the ability to contribute to quality customer service standards within an organisation. He can also implement customer service systems and implement team customer service standards

BSBINM401 Implement workplace information system

Roger is able to implement and review the workplace information system, which involves the identification, acquisition, initial analysis and use of appropriate information which plays a significant part in the organisation’s effectiveness. He is able to identify and source information needs; collect, analyse and report information; implement information systems; and prepare for information system changes

BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships

Roger has the ability to use leadership to promote team cohesion. This includes motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing the team and forming the bridge between the management of the organisation and team members. His work is normally carried out within routine and non-routine methods and procedures, which require planning and evaluation and leadership and guidance of others. Roger is able to collect, analyse and communicate information and ideas; develop trust and confidence as leader; develop and maintain networks and relationships; manage difficulties into positive outcomes

BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

Roger has the ability to plan and supervise the performance of the team and develop team cohesion. He can provide leadership for the team and bridge the gap between the management of the organisation and the team members. He can plan to achieve team outcomes, lead team to develop cohesion, participate in and facilitate work team and liaise with management

BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan

Roger has the ability to implement the operational plan by monitoring and adjusting operational performance, planning and acquiring resources and providing reports on performance as required. Roger carries out his tasks within routine and non-routine methods and procedures which require planning, evaluation, leadership and guidance of others

BSBMGT403 Implement continuous improvement

Roger has the ability to implement the organisation’s continuous improvement systems and processes. This covers using systems and strategies to actively encourage the team to participate in the process, monitoring and reviewing performance, and identifying opportunities for further improvements. He is able to implement continuous improvement systems and processes; monitor and review performance; provide opportunities for further improvement

BSBPMG522 Undertake project work

Roger has the ability to undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project, this covers developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects

BSBPUR301B Purchase goods and services

Roger is able to determine purchasing requirements and make and receive purchases. Often times, Roger works under a level of supervision and conducts low risk, low expenditure purchasing for the organisation using established and documented purchasing strategies. Roger sometimes uses his own judgement to make decisions about purchasing strategies

BSBSUS301 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Roger has the ability to effectively analyse the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices and to implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness. He is able to investigate current practices in relation to resource usage; set targets for improvements; implement performance improvement strategies; and monitor performance

BSBWOR404 Develop work priorities

Roger has the ability to monitor and obtain feedback on own work performance and access learning opportunities for professional development. He can plan and complete own work schedule; monitor own work performance; and co-ordinate professional development

NWP300B Provide and promote customer service

Roger has the ability to respond effectively to the needs of internal and external customers by the application of the organisation's standards and processes. He also has the ability to solve problems, communicate effectively and seek opportunities to improve service to customers are essential to performance

NWP404A Apply principles of chemistry to water systems and processes

Roger has the ability to identify and apply the principles of chemistry to water systems and processes, and to select the relevant and effective chemicals required for specific processes. He can identify the use of chemicals in water industry processes and select chemicals for specific water industry processes

NWP409A Investigate and plan to optimise the operation of chemical addition processes

Roger is able to review, coordinate and optimise chemical addition processes and to evaluate and report on system performance and process quality control. He can evaluate coagulation and flocculation process performance; investigate chemical addition plant configuration; investigate chemical options for process optimization; develop and record a plan for process optimisation

NWP432A Contribute to continuous improvement of quality systems

Roger is able to understand and implement quality systems in the water industry and to identify opportunities for improvement in quality outcomes for the organisation. He is able to interpret and communicate quality system requirements; implement quality systems; identify and correct quality system implementation problems; contribute to improvement of quality system implementation

PSPSOHS405A Contribute to the implementation of emergency procedures

Roger has the ability to contribute to the implementation of procedures for responding to emergencies (contributing to the implementation of emergency procedures may overlap with other generalist or specialist public sector work activities such as acting ethically, using communication strategies, gathering and analysing information, delivering client services, supporting policy implementation). He is able to identify potential emergencies; identify options for initial response; plan initial response procedures; implement initial response procedures; contribute to post event activities; monitor emergency response and address deficiencies

PUAMAN005B Manage projects

Roger can manage and evaluate projects. He has abilities in identifying project scopes, acquiring project resources, managing project activities, finalising projects and evaluating and reporting on activities

TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction

Roger has the ability to conduct individual and group instruction and demonstrate work skills, using existing learning resources in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Roger can organise instruction and demonstration; conduct instruction and demonstration; check training performance; and review personal training performance and finalise documentation