This qualification is suited to a range of individuals who use well developed administrative skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of administrative contexts. They apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems, and analyse information from a variety of sources.

BSBADM405 Organise meetings

Taylor can organise meetings including making arrangements, liaising with participants, and developing and distributing meeting related documentation.

BSBADM406 Organise business travel

Taylor is able to to organise domestic and overseas business travel, including developing associated itineraries, booking travel and accommodation, preparing travel related documentation and making travel arrangements.

BSBADM502 Manage meetings

Taylor is able to manage a range of meetings including overseeing the meeting preparation processes, chairing meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes.

BSBCMM401 Make a presentation

Taylor is able to prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a target audience.

BSBITA401 Design databases

Taylor can design and develop a database (including queries, forms and reports) to meet a defined need using existing data.

BSBITU401 Design and develop complex text documents

Taylor is able to design and develop business documents using complex technical features of word processing software. She can design complex documents; add complex tables and other data and produce documents

BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets

Taylor is able to use spreadsheet software to complete business tasks and produce complex documents. She can develop a linked spreadsheet solution; automate and standardise spreadsheet operation; use spreadsheets and represent numerical data in graphic form

BSBITU404 Produce complex desktop published documents

Taylor can design and produce complex desktop published documents.

BSBRES401 Analyse and present research information

Taylor is able to gather, organise and present workplace information using available systems.

BSBSUS301 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Taylor can effectively analyse the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices and to implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness.