This qualification reflects the job roles of employees with functions that could include financial data entry, processing accounts and payrolls, providing customer service in financial transactions and producing reports. They apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy and judgement and to take limited responsibility in known situations under general supervision

BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents

Eva has the skills and knowledge required to design and produce various business documents and publications. She is able to select and prepare resources; design and produce a document and finalise a document

BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

Eva is able to work in a manner that is healthy and safe in relation to herself and others and to respond to emergency incidents. She can work safely, implement workplace safety requirements and participate in WHS consultative processes

BSBWRT301 Write simple documents

Eva is able to plan, draft and finalise a basic document.

FNSACC301 Process financial transactions and extract interim reports

Eva can prepare and process routine financial documents, prepare journal entries, post journals to ledgers, prepare banking and reconcile financial receipts, and extract a trial balance and interim reports. She is able to check and verify supporting documentation; prepare and process banking and petty cash documents; prepare and process invoices for payment to creditors and for debtors; prepare and post journals and batch monetary items; post journals to ledger; enter data into system; prepare deposit facility and lodge flows and extract a trial balance and interim reports

FNSACC302 Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers

Eva is able to review accounts receivable process; identify bad and doubtful debts; review compliance with terms and conditions and plan recovery action; prepare reports and file documentation; distribute creditors invoices for authorisation; remit payments to creditors and prepare accounts paid report and reconcile balances outstanding

FNSACC303 Perform financial calculations

Eva is able to obtain data and resources for financial calculations; select appropriate methods and carry out financial calculations and check calculations and record outcomes

FNSINC301 Work effectively in the financial services industry

Eva is able to correctly interpret and apply industry and organisational procedures, guidelines, policies, ethical standards and sustainability requirements to day-to-day work in the financial services industry.

BSBITU304 Produce spreadsheets

Eva is able to develop spreadsheets through the use of spreadsheet software. She can plan a spreadsheet design; create a spreadsheet; produce simple charts and finalise spreadsheets

FNSACM302 Prepare, match and process receipts

Eva is able to receive, identify and record receipts; match receipts to documentation; enter data to systems and file documentation

FNSCRD302 Monitor and control accounts receivable

Eva is able to collect and record monies due; review compliance with terms and conditions and resolve disputed amounts within predetermined parameters

FNSRTS308 Balance cash holdings

Eva is able to maintain accurate cash floats; remove receipts from terminal and reconcile takings