This qualification is the trade qualification for butchers.

FDFOP2061A Use numerical applications in the workplace

I can apply basic mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to undertake workplace calculations or to estimate approximate answers when exact calculations are not required.

AMPR203 Select, weigh and package meat for sale

I can select, weigh and package meat for sale

AMPCOR202 Apply hygiene and sanitation practices

I can apply personal hygiene and sanitation practices in a meat operation. It also covers appropriate methods for cleaning equipment and immediate work areas during operations.

AMPR319 Locate, identify and assess meat cuts

I can locate, identify and assess cuts on a carcase.

AMPR102 Trim meat for further processing

I can use a knife for trimming lesser-valued cuts of meat.

AMPX209 Sharpen knives

I can maintain knives for safe and effective use in a meat establishment.

AMPR320 Assess and address customer preferences

I can research local areas to make informed decisions on product lines stocked and inform customers on product features and benefits.

AMPR101 Identify species and meat cuts

I can identify species and meat cuts.

AMPR301 Prepare specialised cuts

I can select and prepare specialised meat cuts, such as 'trim lamb' or 'new-fashioned pork'.

AMPR201 Break and cut product using a bandsaw

I can break and cut products using a bandsaw.

AMPCOR206 Overview the meat industry

I can provide employees with an understanding of the structure of the meat industry, their own workplace and the policies, procedures and conditions relevant to their employment.

AMPR212 Clean meat retail work area

I can clean a meat retail work area

AMPR302 Assess carcase or product quality

I can assess carcase and product quality in accordance with workplace or customer specifications.

AMPX201 Prepare and operate bandsaw

I can assemble, clean, disassemble and operate a bandsaw.

AMPR305 Meet customer needs

I can identify customer needs. It also describes the use diverse sales techniques to satisfy these needs and promote enterprise products and services.

AMPR303 Calculate yield of carcase or product

I can calculate the yield of carcases or meat products.

AMPX304 Prepare primal cuts

I can bone and trim primals into specific finished meat products (cuts).

AMPR104 Prepare minced meat and minced meat products

I can prepare minced meat and minced meat products in accordance with regulatory requirements

AMPR304 Manage stock

I can receive and rotate stock, undertake stock control and re-order stock.

AMPCOR204 Follow safe work policies and procedures

I can work safely in a meat establishment.

AMPR205 Use basic methods of meat cookery

I can use a range of cookery methods to prepare meat dishes

AMPR306 Provide advice on nutritional role of meat

I can provide information regarding the role of meat in the diet to ensure the customer is able to make informed decisions regarding purchases.

AMPR317 Assess and sell poultry products

I can assess and sell poultry products.

AMPR307 Merchandise products, services

I can arrange and present products and services within the workplace. It includes pricing, set-up of display cabinets, stock bins, product displays, signage, ticketing, wrapping of products and merchandising strategies

AMPCOR203 Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements

I can apply Quality Assurance (QA) procedures and Hazard and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements in a meat establishment

AMPCOR201 Maintain personal equipment

I can maintain, clean and store personal equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

AMPR322 Prepare and produce value added products

I can prepare and produce more complex value added products, such as those employing pastry, dairy products or cooking. It includes preparing ingredients and following recipes. The operation of processing equipment to produce value-added products may also be required.

AMPR208 Make and sell sausages

I can make and sell sausages.

AMPR202 Provide advice on cooking and storage of meat products

I can provide information about cooking methods for various cuts of meat, in accordance with customer requirements

AMPR204 Package products using manual packing and labelling equipment

I can package meat products using manual packing equipment. It includes the skills required to set up the packaging unit, accurately identify products and package products to meet customer requirements

AMPR311 Prepare portion control to specifications

I can break and prepare carcases and primal cuts to portion control specifications. The products are cut to meet the specifications of the hospitality industry, including restaurants, hotels or airlines

AMPR316 Cure, corn and sell product

I can cure, corn and sell various meat products.

AMPR314 Calculate and present statistical data in a meat enterprise

I can calculate and present statistical information commonly used in meat enterprises.

AMPR103 Store meat product

I can store meat products.

AMPR324 Break large stock carcases for retail sale

I can break large stock carcases for retail sale.

AMPX210 Prepare and slice meat cuts

I can prepare and slice meat into finished meat cuts.

AMPR309 Bone and fillet poultry

I can manually bone and fillet poultry.

AMPR209 Produce and sell value-added products

I can produce and sell value-added products such as stir-fries, sprinkles, glazes, pre-marinated meat, satays, and forced, stuffed and seasoned meat. The products may be made with pre-prepared ingredients, such as commercially-prepared marinades and ready-cut meat, or by following recipes and preparing ingredients

AMPR308 Prepare, roll, sew and net meat

I can roll, sew and net meat.

AMPX211 Trim meat to specifications

I can trim a selection of meat cuts in accordance with workplace specifications.

AMPR105 Provide service to customers

I can provide service to customers. It also describes the skills and knowledge required to establish and maintain good customer relations. It encompasses the key skills of identifying and satisfying basic customer requirements

AMPCOR205 Communicate in the workplace

I can carry out workplace communication practices. It includes the competencies to identify the enterprise's communication channels, use communication skills to undertake and complete workplace requirements, and contribute to positive workplace relations.

LMFGG2002B Apply First Aid

I can identify the need for and the application of First Aid until the arrival of medically qualified personnel or the evacuation of the patient.

SIRXMER303 Coordinate merchandise presentation

I can apply knowledge of store merchandising and pricing policy and standards to support and coordinate relevant frontline staff members and ensure that they arrange, present and label or price merchandise according to store requirements.

AMPR310 Cost and price meat products

I can calculate costs and set prices of meat and meat products.

AMPR323 Break small stock carcases for retail sale

I can break small stock carcases for retail sale.

AMPX305 Smoke product

I can prepare products which are smoked, such as ham, bacon and smallgoods product.