This qualification reflects the role a technical specialist with high level skills and knowledge in telecommunications and information technology networks using internet protocol (IP) systems who can: * forecast network growth for enterprise network planning * design and manage IP based network telecommunications equipment * implement convergence technologies in enterprise telecommunications networks * design and manage optical and wireless network telecommunications architectures for high speed broadband capability.

ICTPMG610 Develop a project management plan

George can develop a plan for a telecommunications project, including assessing project requirements and planning for all stages to completion and final documentation.

ICTTEN611 Produce an ICT network architecture design

George can prepare a detailed design brief to realise a building and equipment provisioning project, including costing, vendor and technology choices, scheduling and resourcing.

ICTSUS601 Integrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects

George can integrate sustainability concepts and policies into information and communications technology (ICT) planning and design projects. These projects typically involve upgrades of equipment hardware and software or new installations of next generation networks (NGN) using emerging technologies.

ICTPMG611 Prepare a detailed design brief

George can compile and evaluate business specifications from a client, and produce a set of architecture design solutions to cater for present and future forecast demands.

ICTNWK517 Determine best-fit topology for a wide area network

George can identify the best way computers and local area networks (LANs) can be connected to make a wide area network (WAN).

ICTNPL603 Undertake network performance analysis

George can undertake and manage monitoring, analysis and improvement of network performance, and involves analysing problems and organising repairs as well as coordinating software and hardware upgrades.

ICTTEN610 Design and configure an IP-MPLS network with virtual private network tunnelling

George can design an internet protocol-multiprotocol label switching (IP-MPLS) network, examine MLPS data flow and configure virtual private network (VPN) tunnelling.

ICTTEN609 Produce and evaluate architecture designs for convergent cellular mobile networks

George can specify design of the required mobile cellular general packet radio service (GPRS), third-generation (3G) and fourth-generation (4G) network architectures.

ICTOPN601 Manage optical ethernet transmission

George can manage an ethernet optical transmission system. It includes analysis of fault conditions that may occur.

ICTOPN604 Analyse optical transmission systems

George can verify the characteristics of Next Generation Networks (NGN) to ensure they will support the new modulation requirements of the equipment.