This qualification is suitable for those who use well developed marketing and communication skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts.

BSBMGT407 Apply digital solutions to work processes

Emma can integrate digital technologies into common management practice.

BSBCMM401 Make a presentation

Emma can prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a target audience.

BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas

Emma can articulate, present and debate ideas in a work or broader life context using creative techniques in order to provoke response, reaction and critical discussion.

BSBMKG417 Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry

Emma can work effectively within the convergent marketing communication industry.

BSBMKG418 Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industry

Emma can research, analyse and apply knowledge within the marketing communication industry with due consideration to legal and ethical constraints and the digital communication convergent environment.

BSBCUS401 Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

Emma can advise, carry out and evaluate customer service strategies.

BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships

Emma can use leadership to promote team cohesion. It includes motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing the team and forming the bridge between the management of the organisation and team members.

BSBMKG413 Promote products and services

Emma can coordinate and review the promotion of an organisation’s products and services.

BSBMKG419 Analyse consumer behaviour

Emma can analyse consumer behaviour for markets and specific needs.

BSBRES401 Analyse and present research information

Emma can gather, organise, analyse and present workplace information using available systems. This includes identifying research requirements and sources of information, applying information to a set of facts, evaluating the quality of the information, and preparing and producing reports.

BSBWRT401 Write complex documents

Emma can plan documents, draft text, prepare final text and produce documents of some complexity.

BSBPMG522 Undertake project work

Emma can undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project. It covers developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects.