This qualification describes the skills and knowledge required to perform the manufacture of free-standing furniture or built-in cabinets, and provide on-site assistance in the installation of furniture or cabinets involving known routines and procedures and some accountability for the quality of outcomes. It reflects vocational outcomes for those performing assistant cabinet maker, assistant installer of built-in cabinets, and production operator within a cabinet making enterprise. Cabinets include free-standing and built-in furniture or fitted cabinets, such as those used in kitchens and bathrooms. Skills are also included that cover assisting in the installation or renovation of kitchens and bathrooms and other fitted cabinets, which involves collaboration with others through members of a group or team. This qualification does not cover shopfitting.

MSAPMSUP102A Communicate in the workplace

Ryan is capable of receiving, relaying and recording written and oral messages and providing relevant information in response to requests, within time lines. He can interpret messages, respond to information and complete workplace forms

MSAPMSUP106A Work in a team

Ryan can carry out the organisation of team activities to fit in with the scheduling of work to meet operational guidelines. He is able to identify work activities, organise daily work plan and participate in a team

MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Ryan has the ability to effectively measure current resource use and carry out improvements including those reducing negative environmental impacts of work practices. He can identify current resource use and environmental issues and complies with environmental regulations. Ryan regularly finds opportunities to improve environmental practices and resource efficiency

MSFFM2001 Use furniture making sector hand and power tools

Ryan has the ability to use hand and power tools in applications relating to furniture making. He is able to identify hand and power tools, select and use hand and power tools, and clean up the work area and tools

MSFGN2001 Make measurements and calculations

Ryan is capable of taking measurements and making calculations for furnishing tasks undertaken in a variety of sites and locations. He can perform calculations, record measurements and calculations as required; recognise routine and non-routine problems

CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry

Ryan has undertaken Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) induction training within the construction industry and has his White Card.

MSMWHS200 Work safely

Ryan can apply workplace policies and procedures to maintain a safe work environment for self and others.

MSFFF2004 Prepare surfaces for finishing

Ryan is capable of preparing a range of furniture surfaces for the application of surface coatings by hand or machine. He has the ability to clean work area and maintain equipment

MSFFM2002 Assemble furnishing components

Ryan is capable of assembling timber components to produce furniture frames or furniture. He can clean work area and maintain equipment

MSFFM2003 Select and apply hardware

Ryan is capable of selecting and applying hardware to new and refurbished furniture. He can apply and/or fit and finish and finalise operation as well as maintain equipment

MSFFM2004 Apply sheet laminates by hand

Ryan is capable of preparing, laying out, applying and finalising processes for applying sheet laminates by hand. He can prepare the work, apply fit and finish, finalise operation and maintain equipment

MSFFM2005 Join solid timber

Ryan is capable of joining solid timber required for the manufacture of solid timber flat surfaces. He can prepare the work, lay out and prepare materials, join timber, finalise operation and maintain equipment

MSFFM2006 Hand make timber joints

Ryan is capable of joining timber by constructing joints using hand and portable power tools. He is able to finalise operations and maintain equipment

MSFFM2007 Follow plans to assemble production furniture

Ryan is capable of assembling production furniture using modular construction methods and components to a given plan. He is able to finalise operation and maintain equipment

MSFKB2001 Prepare for cabinet installation

Ryan can prepare a site and confirm completeness of cabinets and components required for installation. He can check job information and identify quality issues.