This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to apply a range of laboratory technologies to conduct scientific-technical tests and sampling in most industry sectors. Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include technical officers, laboratory technicians, analysts and similar personnel. Sally is a technical officer and she conducts a wide range of sampling and testing that requires the application of broad scientific-technical knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas. Although Sally generally works in a laboratory, she often works closely with personnel in other teams within a section of the workplace. Sally may liaise with suppliers to troubleshoot product non-conformance at the direction of her laboratory supervisors or managers. She gathers information on non-conformance and events that may lead to the modification of workplace procedures. Sally may also demonstrate methods to others and train them to collect samples and conduct basic tests reliably. The work of technical officers involves frequent peak periods and interruptions. They: -work according to established procedures in a structured environment -collect and prepare samples and communicate sample requirements to other personnel -conduct a wide range of routine and specialised tests where atypical samples may be involved and the instrumentation used has a wide range of operating variables -contribute to the modification of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and enterprise methods when necessary -define and solve problems where alternatives are not obvious and where investigations and trials may be required and the implications of various solutions considered -work under the direction and supervision of senior technical staff, laboratory or quality managers, or scientific/medical professionals -generally work as part of a team and may have a role in the planning of schedules and monitoring of resources in their work area.

MSL913001 Communicate with other people

Sally can receive and pass on written and oral messages, provide relevant information in response to requests within timelines and demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.

MSL973002 Prepare working solutions

Sally can prepare working solutions and to check that existing stocks of solutions are suitable for use. Working solutions include those required to perform laboratory tests. She is required to calculate quantities and make dilutions.

MSL913002 Plan and conduct laboratory/field work

Sally can plan and complete tasks individually or in a team context. The tasks involve established routines and procedures using allocated resources with access to readily available guidelines and advice. Work plans may need to be modified with supervisor agreement to suit changing conditions and priorities.

MSL973004 Perform aseptic techniques

Sally can perform aseptic techniques to maintain the integrity of both the sample source and the sample. She can carry out sampling techniques in tissue culture and to generic microbiological procedures.

MSL915001 Provide information to customers

Sally can respond to both internal and external inquiries of a specialised technical nature. The advice and information requested will require the gathering of information, such as trend analysis, collection of data and samples, confirmation of validity of results, and revision of plans or product advice additional to that on data sheets.

MSL973007 Perform microscopic examination

Sally can set up a light microscope for optimum resolution, to prepare routine samples and to observe, identify and report sample characteristics.

MSL924001 Process and interpret data

Sally can retrieve data, evaluate formulae and perform scientific calculations, present and interpret information in tables and graphs and keep accurate records. She can solve problems of limited complexity where the information may be less obvious, but not contradictory, and can be determined by direct reasoning.

MSL954001 Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan

Sally can obtain a range of samples that are representative of the source material (e.g. raw ingredients, product in process and final product) and to prepare the samples for testing. All sampling activities are conducted in accordance with a defined sampling plan.

MSL924002 Use laboratory application software

Sally can use and apply computer software in the laboratory, field and/or production plants for analysis and reporting.

MSL974003 Perform chemical tests and procedures

Sally can interpret chemical test requirements, prepare samples, conduct pre-use and calibration checks on equipment and perform routine chemical tests/procedures. These tests will involve several measurement steps. Sally can process data and interpret results and track obvious test malfunctions where the procedure is standardised. However, she is not required to analyse data, optimise tests/procedures for specific samples or troubleshoot equipment problems where the solution is not apparent.

MSL974006 Perform biological procedures

Sally can interpret work requirements, prepare samples, conduct pre-use and calibration checks on equipment, and perform routine biological procedures. These procedures may involve several steps and are used to classify cell types, species and biologically active compounds by analysing their biological and chemical characteristics. Sally can process data, interpret results and troubleshoot obvious departures from standard procedures.

MSL925001 Analyse data and report results

Sally can perform scientific calculations, analyse trends and uncertainty in data and report results within the required timeframe.

MSL944001 Maintain laboratory or field workplace safety

Sally can monitor and maintain work health and safety (WHS) and environmental programs within a work area where she has supervisory responsibility for others.

MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Sally can effectively analyse the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices, and to implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness.

MSL934002 Apply quality system and continuous improvement processes

Sally exercises good laboratory practice (GLP) and effectively participates in quality improvement teams. She is required to ensure the quality and integrity of her own work, detect non-conformances and work with others to suggest improvements in productivity and quality.

MSL975001 Perform microbiological tests

Sally can contribute to the culture, isolation and identification of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoans, algae and parasites, in order to investigate the physiology and pathology of plants and animals, monitor the natural environment, and to assist in the production of foods, pharmaceutical goods and other manufactured materials.

MSL975002 Perform haematological tests

Sally can determine levels, function, activity and interactions of cellular and plasma components of blood using tests and procedures identified with the discipline of laboratory haematology.

MSL975003 Perform histological tests

Sally can perform tests and procedures associated with processing and staining tissues for examination of tissue structure and abnormalities by pathologists and scientists to assist with disease diagnosis. She can carry out tests and procedures that are associated with anatomical pathology and that may involve the use of automated processors and staining machines.

MSL975004 Perform chemical pathology tests

Sally can perform tests and procedures associated with the detection and monitoring of tissue and bodily fluid responses to normal physiological processes and disease through the identification and quantifying of chemical components. She can carry out tests and procedures that are usually associated with the discipline of clinical biochemistry.

MSL975006 Perform immunohaematological tests

Sally can perform routine tests and procedures that are part of the requirements of pre- and post-blood transfusion practice. She also carries out tests and procedures that are indicated in laboratory investigations in obstetric and perinatal medicine, in suspected haemolysis and haemolytic episodes, and in other clinical circumstances.

MSL975014 Perform molecular biology tests and procedures

Sally can isolate, purify, verify and manipulate biomolecules and their products. This work requires close attention to working with small volumes, multiple-step procedures and prevention of contamination. She is required to apply a wide range of molecular biology tests and procedures.