This qualification underpins a range of work functions and job roles that can lead to a horticultural trade qualification.

AHCWHS201 Participate in work health and safety processes

Hank is able to recognise and report hazards in the workplace. It also describes the skills and knowledge required to follow workplace safety procedures and directions.

AHCPCM201 Recognise plants

Hank is able to recognise commonly encountered plants. Plants include desired species as well as weeds.

AHCPMG201 Treat weeds

Hank is able to recognise significant weed species and apply a range of weed treatment control options.

AHCPMG202 Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders

Hank is able to treat plant pests, diseases and disorders.

AHCSOL202 Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing

Hank is able to assist with the sampling and testing of soil or growing media sampling and testing.

AHCPGD203 Prune shrubs and small trees

Hank is able to prune shrubs and small trees that are less than three meters in height while standing on the ground.

AHCWRK209 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Hank is able to follow workplace procedures and instructions and to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices.

AHCTRF204 Support turf establishment

Hank is able to establish turf by seed, sod or other methods.

AHCMOM203 Operate basic machinery and equipment

Hank is able to operate and maintain machinery and equipment.

AHCLSC201 Assist with landscape construction work

Hank is able to provide support to others undertaking landscape works in public, commercial and domestic situations.

MEM18001C Use hand tools

Hank uses a range of hand tools for a variety of general engineering applications.

AHCLSC203 Install aggregate paths

Hank is able to install aggregate paths in landscape projects.

AHCPGD201 Plant trees and shrubs

Hank is able to manually plant trees and shrubs and other containerised and bare-rooted plants.

AHCNSY202 Care for nursery plants

Hank is able to maintain and care for containerised nursery plants.

AHCNSY203 Undertake propagation activities

Hank is able to carry out a range of propagation tasks.