This is a specialist qualification for landscape designers.

AHCDES503 Assess landscape sites

Sarah is able to design for improvement of long-term ecological sustainability of landscapes, land under production, land areas in business use, natural resource areas and recreational amenity spaces essential for long-term economic and cultural viability.

AHCDES501 Design sustainable landscapes

Sarah is able to prepare a landscape design for a large project on residential, commercial or public open spaces

AHCDES502 Prepare a landscape design

Sarah is able to carry out a landscape site assessment and develop recommendations

AHCDES504 Design for construction of landscape features

Sarah is able to design for the construction of landscape features and to develop a final project report

CUAACD302 Produce computer-aided drawings

Sarah is able to use a range of computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) program functions to produce drawings. The focus of this unit is on the technical skills required to operate CADD, not on design skills

AHCBUS503 Negotiate and monitor contracts

Sarah is able to negotiate and monitor contracts

AHCBUS504 Prepare estimates, quotes and tenders

Sarah is able to prepare estimates, quote and tenders.

AHCLSC502 Manage landscape projects

Sarah is able to manage landscape projects

AHCLSC501 Survey and establish site levels

Sarah is able to undertake site surveys and map levels and issues of levels in gardens

AHCPCM503 Specify plants for landscapes

Sarah is able to select and specify landscape plants in a range of industries to provide information and advice to a client or organisation

AHCWRK503 Prepare reports

Sarah is able to prepare comprehensive reports

AHCARB502 Identify, select and specify trees

Sarah is able to inspect, identify, select and specify a range of trees for suitability for an intended purpose