This qualification reflects the role of individuals who use a broad range of event-related skills and sound knowledge of event management processes to coordinate event operations. They operate independently and make operational event management decisions.

SITEEVT001 Source and use information on the events industry

Belinda is able to access and interpret current and emerging information on the events industry to enhance the quality of event coordination. This includes industry structure, technology, laws and ethical issues specifically relevant to event coordination.

BSBADM502 Manage meetings

Belinda is able to manage a range of meetings including overseeing the meeting preparation processes, chairing meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes.

SITEEVT003 Coordinate on-site event registrations

Belinda is able to prepare for and process on-site attendee registrations at events. It requires the ability to collect and collate all registration materials in advance of the event, set up the registration area, and check attendee registration details before admission.

BSBWRT401 Write complex documents

Belinda is able to plan documents, draft text, prepare final text and produce documents of some complexity.

SITEEVT008 Manage event staging components

Belinda is able to analyse event staging requirements and organise and monitor different staging services and products. It requires the ability to use advanced planning, organisation and communication skills combined with detailed knowledge of the event management process and broad understanding of specialist component services.

SITXMPR003 Plan and implement sales activities

Belinda is able to plan and implement sales activities. It requires the ability to identify and analyse market and customer needs, proactively target current and new customers, plan the operation of sales calls, make calls and prepare sales reports.

SITEEVT010 Manage on-site event operations

Belinda is able to manage on-site operational activities for the staging of events. It requires the ability to finalise operational plans, oversee event set-up, execution and break-down, and evaluate the operational success of events.

SITXMPR004 Coordinate marketing activities

Belinda is able to plan and coordinate a range of marketing and promotional activities at an operational level. The unit incorporates knowledge of marketing principles.

SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences

Belinda is able to provide professional and personalised customer service experiences. It requires the ability to determine and meet customer preferences, develop customer relationships, respond to difficult service situations, and take responsibility for resolving complaints.

SITXMPR008 Prepare and present proposals

Belinda is able to prepare and present tenders, proposals or bids either as a response to a tender brief or as a proposal created and offered. It requires the ability to analyse client tender specifications or needs, determine organisational ability to meet those requirements, and to prepare and present information that is relevant to client criteria or needs.

SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget

Belinda is able to take responsibility for budget management where others may have developed the budget. It requires the ability to interpret budgetary requirements, allocate resources, monitor actual income and expenditure, and report on budgetary deviations.

SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people

Belinda is able to lead and manage people including in teams and support and encourage their commitment to the organisation. It requires the ability to lead by example and manage performance through effective leadership.

SITXMGT001 Monitor work operations

Belinda is able to oversee and monitor the quality of day-to-day work. It requires the ability to communicate effectively with team members, plan and organise operational functions, and solve problems.

SITXMGT002 Establish and conduct business relationships

Belinda is able to establish and manage positive business relationships. It requires the ability to use high-level communication and relationship building skills to conduct formal negotiations and make commercially significant business-to-business agreements.

SITXMGT003 Manage projects

Belinda is able to develop project plans, implement project activities, monitor progress to ensure objectives are achieved, and evaluate all aspects of projects.

SITXWHS002 Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks

Belinda is able to identify hazards, assess the associated workplace safety risks, take measures to eliminate or minimise those risks, and document all processes.

SITEEVT002 Process and monitor event registrations

Belinda is able to process attendee registrations for events, and administer them through to finalisation. It requires the ability to record customer information, monitor attendance numbers, generate sales and operational reports, and issue customer documents for event attendance.

SITEEVT005 Plan in-house events or functions

Belinda is able to plan the delivery of events or functions in a commercial venue. It requires the ability to identify customer operational needs and preferences, prepare and confirm event proposals, and finalise operational documents for the delivery of events.

SITEEVT006 Develop conference programs

Belinda is able to develop conference programs that include a significant business component. It requires the application of detailed knowledge of conference formats and options as well as a sound understanding of learning and development issues that impact on program design.

SITEEVT007 Select event venues and sites

Belinda is able to source and select venues or sites for events. It requires the ability to analyse event plans to determine venue or site requirements; develop selection specifications; and assess, choose and contract venues or sites.