The MSS50216 Diploma of Environmental Monitoring and Technology specifies the competencies required to apply a range of methods and technologies to conduct environmental sampling, testing and monitoring in most industry sectors, and to assist environmental scientists, engineers and planners with site assessment, minimising environmental impacts of processes and remediation/rehabilitation of sites.

MSS024002 Implement environmental management plans and procedures

Rebecca is able to apply environmental management plans and procedures to minimise the environmental impact of work activities and ensure legislative compliance. Personnel are required to identify environmental requirements in everyday work activities, issues and risks for projects and/or sites, recognise environmental incidents and apply the specified procedures or actions to control and minimise their impacts.

MSS024003 Apply an understanding of environmental principles to a site

Rebecca is able to ‘read the landscape’ in terms of the physical and biological components of the environment and the ecological linkages in operation at a site. Personnel are required to apply basic principles of geomorphology, hydrology and ecology in a systematic, scientific appraisal of site condition. This requires sufficient knowledge of chemistry, physics, geology and biology to support a scientific approach to field ecology.

MSS024004 Process and present environmental data

Rebecca is able to retrieve environmental data; evaluate formulae and perform scientific calculations; present and interpret information in tables, graphs and simple maps; and keep accurate records. The unit requires personnel to solve problems of limited complexity where the information may not be obvious, but not contradictory, and can be determined by direct reasoning.

MSS025001 Assist with assessing site environmental indicators

Rebecca is able to assist environmental scientists and engineers with determining the environmental condition of a site or locality. Personnel are required to locate and assess relevant data sets and reports; interpret the magnitudes and trends in measured environmental parameters; and determine and report on the potential significance for site/locality activities. They require sufficient knowledge of environmental science to interpret measurements involving the atmosphere, biodiversity, land and water. The unit does not cover the collection of field data.

MSS025002 Assess the environmental risk or impact of a project activity or process

Rebecca is able to evaluate the risks or impacts associated with a specific project activity or process. It includes researching and describing the activity/process and local environment, identifying relevant environmental issues, assessing environmental risks or impacts, and then identifying appropriate environmental management actions and/or alternatives. Personnel will have access to an organisation environmental management plan for the site and/or a checklist to guide risk/impact assessment of the activity or process against organisation, community, and/or legislative requirements. They work under the supervision of environmental managers, scientists, engineers and/or planners.

MSS025003 Report environmental data

Rebecca is able to perform scientific calculations, process and interrogate environmental data sets, analyse trends and uncertainty in data, and report results within the required timeframe. The unit requires personnel to solve problems where alternatives are not obvious and where investigations and trials may be required and the implications of various solutions considered.

MSS025004 Provide environmental information to customers

Rebecca is able to respond to internal and external requests for information about environmental management plans, policies, procedures and/or environmental data. Personnel are required to gather information, such as environmental management requirements for specific work activities, revised plans/procedures, sampling or monitoring data, test results and trend analysis, and supply it to customers in accordance with workplace procedures.

MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Rebecca is able to effectively analyse the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices, and to implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness.

MSL943002 Participate in laboratory or field workplace safety

Rebecca is able to follow work health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures, deal with the identification and control of hazards, work safely at all times, follow emergency response procedures and contribute to the maintenance of workplace safety.

MSL952001 Collect routine site samples

Rebecca is able to collect samples at field or production sites using specified equipment and standard or routine procedures.

MSL974007 Undertake environmental field-based monitoring

Rebecca is able to organise and undertake field monitoring programs that are primarily focused on the determination of physical and chemical parameters and/or observation and documentation of biological/ecological systems. It covers confirming the requirements of the monitoring activities, sampling, sample handling, physical and chemical monitoring, and simple field-based analysis, data collection and recording. It also covers field camp maintenance and field safety. This unit of competency covers gaining clearance for animal trapping, tagging, keeping or experimentation. This unit does not cover animal handling techniques for specific species of animals. All work would be performed under the guidance and supervision of a scientific officer.

MSL973001 Perform basic tests

Rebecca is able to prepare samples and perform tests and measurements using standard methods with access to readily available advice from supervisors.

MSL974003 Perform chemical tests and procedures

Rebecca is able to interpret chemical test requirements, prepare samples, conduct pre-use and calibration checks on equipment and perform routine chemical tests/procedures. These tests will involve several measurement steps. The unit includes data processing and interpretation of results and tracking of obvious test malfunctions where the procedure is standardised. However, personnel are not required to analyse data, optimise tests/procedures for specific samples or troubleshoot equipment problems where the solution is not apparent.

MSS015001 Measure and report carbon footprint

This unit of competency covers determining the carbon footprint of a product or product class across the value chain (which may be internal or external to the enterprise). It includes determining the carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent tonnes and calculating the embodied carbon of a product.

MSS024010 Perform environmental biological techniques

Rebecca is able to collect and examine biological samples using microscopes, keys and biochemical tests to identify and enumerate environmentally significant organisms. Personnel are expected to prepare aseptic media and solutions, set up equipment for microbiological testing and identify basic microorganisms of environmental significance.

MSS025007 Perform sampling and testing of soils

Rebecca is able to collect soil samples in accordance with a defined sampling plan, prepare the samples for testing, conduct in-field and laboratory testing of the samples and report the results. Personnel are required to check the validity and reliability of data, recognise atypical test data, and troubleshoot common test procedures and equipment problems.

MSS025012 Perform environmental microbiological tests

Rebecca is able to receive and prepare samples, and identify and quantitate examples of microorganisms of environmental significance. Personnel will also be able to apply an understanding of the role of microorganisms in bioremediation, agriculture and industrial processes.

MSL973002 Prepare working solutions

Rebecca is able to prepare working solutions and to check that existing stocks of solutions are suitable for use. Working solutions include those required to perform laboratory tests. Personnel are required to calculate quantities and make dilutions.

CPPWMT4001A Plan waste audits

Rebecca is able to plan and organise the audit of a client’s waste characteristics. It requires the ability to interpret and follow assignment instructions and liaise effectively with clients.

CPPWMT4002A Carry out waste audits

Rebecca is able to audit a client’s waste characteristics. It requires the ability to follow assignment instructions, liaise with clients, and effectively identify and assess their waste practices and issues that impact on their organisational operations.