This qualification applies to the production of a wide range of polymer products and components ranging from consumer products to components to be included in other commercial, industrial or consumer products. Products may be made from a wide range of natural and synthetic polymers covering thermoplastics as well as thermosetting polymers. Production may be long runs of standard products, short runs or ‘one offs’ of specialised products.

MSS402051 Apply quality standards

Bert is able to apply quality standards to work operations in an organisation. The unit is designed to complement competitive systems and practices units.

MSMOPS102 Perform tasks to support production

Bert is able to perform tasks in support of the production process working under close supervision.

MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Bert is able to effectively find out current resource use and carry out improvements, in own work area, including those that reduce the negative environmental impacts of work practices.

MSMWHS200 Work safely

Bert is able to apply workplace policies and procedures to maintain a safe work environment for self and others.

MSMSUP200 Achieve work outcomes

Bert is able to identify and implement actions to achieve workplace targets and to suggest ways to improve processes.

MSMSUP210 Process and record information

Bert is able to process information and respond to the information requirements of own job, including the completion of workplace documents, and clearly and concisely providing relevant information to others.

MSMSUP205 Transfer loads

Bert is able to move loads using cranes and gantries

MSMOPS400 Optimise process/plant area

Bert is able to optimise the process performance of a complete process, plant area or system. It requires optimising a more significant portion of a plant than would be required for one of the PMAOPS3## series. It also requires a more strategic approach to the optimisation than the routine, day-to-day optimisation undertaken as a routine part of plant operation. The optimisation may, or may not involve capital expenditure.

PMBPREP301 Set up and prepare for production

Bert is able to prepare materials and equipment for production. It applies to batch, one-off and non-standard production lots as typically used in the plastics, rubber and cablemaking sectors.

PMBPROD430 Trial a new die/tool

Bert is able to trial new high pressure dies used for processes such as injection or blow moulding. It applies to all plastic and rubber processes which involve a die or tool, such as injection or blow moulding.

PMBPREP304 Set a die

Bert is able to remove, refit and set simple dies as used in injection moulding, blow moulding and similar processes.

PMBTECH401 Predict polymer properties and characteristics

Bert is able to predict polymer properties and characteristics as typically used in problem solving and product and process improvement.

PMBPROD206 Operate ancillary equipment

Bert is able to operate ancillary equipment which supports production operations. It applies to stand-alone items of equipment that are operated separately from the main production unit. These items of equipment may be remote from, in close proximity or attached to the main production unit, but are not part of its main functions. Stand-alone ancillary equipment will typically service a number of processes simultaneously. Where ancillary equipment is minor and is integral to the main process the relevant process-specific unit should be used.

MEM15001B Perform basic statistical quality control

Bert is able to take samples and applying a statistical process to monitor production.

PMBPROD210 Operate injection moulding equipment

Bert is able to operate injection moulding equipment and ancillary equipment that is integral to the process.

MSMWHS401 Assess risk

Bert is able to identify hazards and operability problems and then analyse them by hazard analysis techniques to assess risk.

PMBPROD282 Assemble mould

Bert is able to assemble and dismantle moulds as typically used in the rotational moulding, urethane foam, thermoforming and composites sector.

MSMSUP390 Use structured problem-solving tools

Bert is able to use structured process improvement tools to solve process and other problems.

PMBPROD306 Prepare and start equipment for production

Bert is able to prepare and start equipment for production. It applies to bringing a machine from 'power-off' to first-off product and making ready to hand over to the operator to continue the production run.

MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing

Bert is able to interpret technical drawing applying to any of the full range of engineering disciplines.

PMBPROD310 Produce injection moulded products

Bert is able to operate and adjust injection moulding processes to produce product.

MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements

Bert is able to perform measurement skills requiring straightforward use of mechanical measuring devices and associated calculations.

MEM18001C Use hand tools

Bert is able to use a range of hand tools for a variety of general engineering applications.

MSS402050 Monitor process capability

Bert is able to gather data and the interpretation of simple information to determine the compliance of the process and the taking of action as defined by the procedures where the information reveals the process is out of control parameters.

MSMOPS101 Make measurements

Bert is able to use physical and/or chemical measuring equipment to make or take routine measurements and keep records related to the measurements.

MSMOPS100 Use equipment

Bert is able to use an item of equipment which is operated with limited application of knowledge.