This qualification applies to the production of a wide range of polymer products and components ranging from consumer products to components to be included in other commercial, industrial or consumer products. Products may be made from a wide range of natural and synthetic polymers covering thermoplastics as well as thermosetting polymers. Production may be long runs of standard products, short runs or ‘one offs’ of specialised products.

MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Annie is able to effectively analyse the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices, and to implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness.

MSMWHS200 Work safely

Annie is able to apply workplace policies and procedures to maintain a safe work environment for self and others.

MSMSUP300 Identify and apply process improvements

Annie is able to identify, monitor and participate in strategies to improve production efficiencies.

MSMSUP390 Use structured problem-solving tools

Annie is able to use structured process improvement tools to solve process and other problems.

PMBTECH501 Analyse equipment performance

Annie is able to analyse and verify equipment performance. It applies to equipment that uses screws and dies/tools as typically used in extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding.

PMBTECH506 Analyse the design of products and tools

Annie is able to analyse product and tool design to identify possible improvements.

PMBTECH504 Determine heat transfer loads for processing equipment

Annie is able to determine heat transfer loads for processing equipment.

PMBTECH505 Choose polymer materials for an application

Annie is able to choose polymer materials for an application as may be required for a new product or advanced process/product problem solving.

MSMWHS401 Assess risk

Annie is able to identify hazards and operability problems and then analyse them by hazard analysis techniques to assess risk.

PMBPROD430 Trial a new die/tool

Annie is able to trial new high pressure dies used for processes such as injection or blow moulding. It applies to all plastic and rubber processes which involve a die or tool, such as injection or blow moulding.

PMBTECH401 Predict polymer properties and characteristics

Annie is able to predict polymer properties and characteristics as typically used in problem solving and product and process improvement.

PMBTECH406 Diagnose production equipment problems

Annie is able to diagnose production equipment problems. It applies to product faults, including reject products and other faults, and production faults/problems.

MEM09003B Prepare basic engineering drawing

Annie is able identify the drawing requirements, preparing or making changes to engineering drawings, preparing an engineering parts list and issuing the drawings

MSS404052 Apply statistics to operational processes

Annie is able the ability to gather and analyse process data to support the control of processes and operations. It includes interpretation of sampling procedures, frequency distributions, random and non-random variations in data/control charts; use of control limits to determine whether or not monitored processes are in control; and communicating this information to others.

MSS405050 Determine and improve process capability

Annie is able to determine the actual (as distinct from design) capability of a process and then to analyse that process to remove assignable causes and reduce random causes. This unit applies to an individual (who may be a production manager, plant/process engineer, technical specialist or similar) who is responsible for developing plans to stabilise and then improve process capability and following agreement the implementation of the plans to improve process capability. The organisation may use either a six sigma or three sigma process.

MSMSUP383 Facilitate a team

Annie is able to facilitate team communications and performance to achieve its goals.

MEM15001B Perform basic statistical quality control

Annie is able taking samples and applying a statistical process to monitor production.