This qualification reflects the role of an advanced technician (technical officer), team leader or supervisor with a wide range of telecommunications skills who can install and maintain: ◾enterprise networks in emerging and converging technologies ◾optical and wireless equipment for high speed broadband network infrastructure ◾internet protocol (IP) based network telecommunications equipment ◾IP based networks in home networks and small and medium enterprises ◾telecommunications, data cabling and cabling products in line with the specifications of the access network owner ◾telecommunications access network cabling and infrastructure, systems and customer equipment The qualifications also enables technicians to assess installation requirements of converging voice, video and data IP networks, plan and perform installations and test installed equipment and fault find. It may also involve a degree of autonomy and may include limited supervision of others.

ICTICT408 Create technical documentation

Tatiana is able to create technical documentation that is clear to the target audience and easy to navigate.

ICTPMG403 Manage the delivery of network infrastructure

Tatiana is able to manage the delivery of network infrastructure, including scoping the project, developing a project brief, managing the project and directing the activities of installation staff, building workers, contractors, manufacturers and vendors.

ICTTEN201 Use electrical skills in telecommunications work

Tatiana is able for an entry- level worker to use electrical skills, working with analog and digital, cabling and wireless networking in telecommunications.

ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools

Tatiana is able to safely use hand and power tools in the workshop and on the worksite.

ICTTEN410 Locate, diagnose and rectify faults

Tatiana is able to locate, diagnose and rectify faults in telecommunications networks.

ICTTEN414 Repair telecommunication system faults

Tatiana is able to examine a customer report or a maintenance schedule, and diagnose faults which may be in optical, computer, radio, satellite, security or radio frequency identification (RFID) systems found in customer and service provider access networks.

ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures

Tatiana is able to follow safe working practices and environmental policy in the management of a telecommunications workplace.

ICTWOR201 Work effectively in telecommunications technology

Tatiana is able to recognise the various sectors of the telecommunications industry and to perform individual work and work with others in telecommunications technology.

ICTICT401 Determine and confirm client business requirements

Tatiana is able to determine client business system requirements and verify the accuracy of the information gathered.

ICTICT405 Develop detailed technical design

Tatiana is able to assist in the development of a detailed technical design.

ICTTEN402 Estimate and quote for customer telecommunications equipment installation

Tatiana is able to assess and estimate costs for all types of customer cabling needs.

ICTTEN404 Install and configure a wireless mesh network

Tatiana is able to connect and test wireless networking equipment or radio communications equipment.

ICTTEN415 Install and configure internet protocol TV in a home network

Tatiana is able to arrange a secure internet protocol (IP) network for a customer.

ICTTEN416 Install, configure and test an internet protocol network

Tatiana is able to select network elements to meet client business specifications, ensure interoperability within the network, apply network topologies, protocols and security issues, and troubleshoot when required.

ICTTEN417 Install, configure and test a router

Tatiana is able to undertake router installation and configuration, as part of an upgrade in an existing network or the implementation of a new network.

ICTTEN420 Design, install and configure an internetwork

Tatiana is able to determine customer needs, create appropriate workplace documentation, connect and organise an internetwork according to design specifications, resolving technical problems as they arise.