This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are developing a broad range of technical and conceptual design skills and who take responsibility for own outputs in work and learning. Practice at this level is underpinned by the application of introductory design theory and history.

BSBDES201 Follow a design process

Victor is able to follow a design process at a basic level, incorporating an element of problem solving to identify and resolve challenges that may hinder the process.

BSBDES301 Explore the use of colour

Victor is able to explore the use of colour and to apply colour theory.

BSBDES302 Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms

Victor is able to explore and creatively apply the design process to the development of two-dimensional (2D) forms.

BSBDES303 Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms

Victor is able to explore and creatively apply the design process to the development of three-dimensional (3D) forms.

BSBDES304 Source and apply design industry knowledge

Victor is able to source, apply and update general knowledge of the design industry based on problem solving, aesthetics, materials and processes appropriately used within the design industry.

BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

Victor is able to work in a manner that is healthy and safe in relation to self and others and to respond to emergency incidents. It covers following work health and safety (WHS) and emergency procedures and instructions, implementing WHS requirements and participating in WHS consultative processes.

CUAACD301 Produce drawings to communicate ideas

Victor is able to produce drawings that represent and communicate ideas. It does not relate to drawing as an art form.

CUAACD302 Produce computer-aided drawings

Victor is able to use a range of computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) program functions to produce drawings. The focus of this unit is on the technical skills required to operate CADD, not on design skills.

CUAPPR301 Produce creative work

Victor is able to plan and produce creative work in any media. Work is typically produced through exploration of ideas, techniques, tools, equipment and materials.

ICPPRP325 Create graphics using a graphics application

Victor is able to develop graphics incorporating a range of features for cross-media publishing based on a client brief, using a high-end application.

CUAGRD301 Prepare files for publication

Victor is able to prepare electronic files for pre-press processing. It applies to files that still require some processing before printing or electronic distribution.

CUAGRD302 Use typography techniques

Victor is able to use typography techniques in design work.