This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have professional level specialised, technical and theoretical skills to plan, carry out and evaluate photo imaging services.

CUAPHI501 Apply visual communication theory to photo imaging practice

Ellie is able to produce creative and innovative photo images based on visual communication theory.

CUAPHI502 Research and apply photo imaging trends

Ellie is able to investigate photo imaging trends and emerging technologies and assess their creative and commercial applications.

CUAPHI513 Employ colour management in a digital imaging workplace

Ellie is able to manage the integrity of colour across digital imaging devices.

CUADIG509 Investigate technologies for the creation of digital art

Ellie is able to further application of technologies in own creative practice.

CUAPHI503 Explore the descriptive and emotive nature of photo lighting

Ellie is able to produce creative photo images using photo lighting principles.

CUAPHI514 Prepare digital images for pre-press processing

Ellie is able to prepare client image files for pre-press processing.

CUAIND402 Provide freelance services

Ellie is able to work as an independent operator within the creative arts industry.

CUAPPR503 Present a body of own creative work

Ellie is able to use creative, technical and project management skills to produce a professional and innovative presentation of own creative work.

CUAPHI505 Produce commercial photo images

Ellie is able to produce commercial photo images, liaising with clients, art directors and associated professionals.

CUAPHI506 Provide photographic portrait services

Ellie is able to produce portrait images for personal, family or corporate collections.

CUAPHI507 Produce media photo images

Ellie is able to produce photo images for media services.

CUAPHI509 Plan and produce visual art photo images

Ellie is able to conceptualise, research and initiate projects, undertake strategic planning and production tasks, manage finances and create visual art photo images.

CUAPHI511 Make illustrative photo images for publication and display

Ellie is able to produce illustrative images that communicate concepts, ideas and factual information in ways to evoke emotive responses in the viewer.

CUAPHI512 Plan and produce stock photo images

Ellie is able to produce photo images that may be used as stock photos for commercial use.

BSBIPR401 Use and respect copyright

Ellie is able to use and respect copyright. It covers maintaining control over the copyright owner’s work, commercialising copyright material, preventing the unauthorised use of an original work and using other party’s original work legitimately.

BSBPMG522 Undertake project work

Ellie is able to undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project. It covers developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects.

SITXICT401 Build and launch a small business website

Ellie has the ability to build a basic website to meet business needs, including selecting a hosting service and appropriate web development software, planning the website structure and undertaking actual construction of the site. She has the technical skills and knowledge typically needed by a business that elects to develop its own site rather than access the services of IT professionals.