This qualification reflects the role of individuals who have highly specialised technical, creative and conceptual skills in visual communication to conceive, negotiate and realise design solutions.

BSBDES502 Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief

Ivan is able to work proactively with a client or commissioning organisation to develop and negotiate a design brief.

BSBDES601 Manage design realisation

Ivan is able to manage the process of taking a design from concept to final realisation or production. He has a strong focus on planning, implementation and monitoring skills, combined with a sound knowledge of design and production issues and challenges in a given context.

BSBPMG522 Undertake project work

Ivan is able to undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project. He covers developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects.

CUAGRD601 Engage in the business of graphic design

Ivan is able to adopt a professional, commercial approach to graphic design practice. Adopt professional work practices

CUAGRD602 Originate graphic designs for complex briefs

Ivan is able to independently conceive, plan and realise professional graphic design work to meet the demands of complex communication challenges and graphic design briefs.

CUAGRD603 Extend typographic design expertise

Ivan is able to exploit the potential of typography to solve complex design challenges through research and exploration of advanced and specialised applications.

CUAPPR504 Establish and maintain environmentally sustainable creative practice

Ivan is able to integrate environmentally sustainable approaches into creative art or design practice in order to reduce own ecological footprint across all areas of operation.

BSBADV509 Create mass print media advertisements

Ivan is able to create mass print media advertisements that communicate key features of a product, service or idea to consumers.

BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts

Ivan is able to originate and develop concepts for products, programs, processes or services to an operational level.

BSBIPR401 Use and respect copyright

Ivan is able to use and respect copyright. It covers maintaining control over the copyright owner’s work, commercialising copyright material, preventing the unauthorised use of an original work and using other party’s original work legitimately.

CUAACD501 Refine drawing and other visual representation tools

Ivan is able to use drawing and other visual representation tools to develop, refine and communicate ideas for creative work. The unit focus is on manual drawing development and refinement, and visual representation as cognitive tools in a professional practice, rather than a particular level of drawing technique.

CUAACD507 Refine 3-D design ideas and processes

Ivan is able to extend understanding and use of three-dimensional (3-D) design ideas and processes for the production of work at a professional level.

CUADIG502 Design digital applications

Ivan is able to design digital applications, which may consist of one or many technologies integrated in various combinations.

CUADIG507 Design digital simulations

Ivan is able to design digital simulations of real world environments and processes.

SITXICT401 Build and launch a small business website

Ivan is able to build a basic website to meet business needs, including selecting a hosting service and appropriate web development software, planning the website structure and undertaking actual construction of the site. He also requires technical skills and knowledge typically needed by a business that elects to develop its own site rather than access the services of IT professionals.