This qualification reflects the role of individuals who lead a frontline team and manage day-to-day operations of a retail store or department to implement and deliver on organisational objectives and standards. These individuals possess a range of highly developed selling and customer engagement skills with sound knowledge of product and service offerings. They work with independence, taking responsibility for their own functions and outputs.

SIRRRTF002 Monitor retail store financials

Eloise is able to manage retail store financials by controlling costs, managing rosters and stock levels, and reviewing financial performance.

SIRXCEG004 Create a customer-centric culture

Eloise is able to manage and ensure the delivery of customer service standards and work with team members to improve customer experiences.

SIRXHRM002 Maintain employee relations

Eloise is able to maintain employee relations in the workplace and implement dispute and grievance procedures when employment related issues occur.

SIRXMGT002 Lead a frontline team

Eloise is able to lead and manage a frontline team by delegating work, monitoring performance and taking action to improve standards of performance.

SIRXRSK002 Maintain store security

Eloise is able to maintain store security in a retail environment.

SIRXSLS003 Achieve sales results

Eloise is able to drive the sales of products and services, and create a sales environment, to meet sales targets.

SIRXWHS003 Maintain workplace safety

Eloise is able to ensure organisational policies and procedures and legislative requirements are adhered to in the workplace by monitoring and coordinating workplace health and safety practices.

SIRXMKT002 Use social media to engage customers

Eloise is able to manage the use of social media platforms to interact with customers and promote products and services.

SIRXMKT003 Manage promotional activities

Eloise is able to implement, manage and monitor promotional activities and determine effectiveness of promotional activities.

SIRRINV002 Control stock

Eloise is able to process stock orders, maintain stock levels, minimise stock losses, manage stocktakes and maintain all documents that relate to the administration of any type of stock.

SIRRMER003 Coordinate visual merchandising activities

Eloise is able to coordinate store visual merchandising activities and ensure adherence to organisational standards, policies and procedures for the display of merchandise.